Wednesday, February 13, 2008

R3P2D17 Children!!!

Round 3 of Phase 2 VCLD Day 17
1ml HCG (166.6iu) IM Injection#16
LIW: 168.2
Yesterday's Wt: 165.4
Today's Wt: 165.4
+/- 0.0 lbs

My daughter decided that yesterday she needed to do a project on powerpoint and stated that ours did not work. So I told her that I would upgrade it if she would just be patient and wait a few minutes. Well, she decided to go to her friend's house to work on the project. Needless to say she didn't arrive home until 9:45pm without calling me. I was furious. I even called her friend's house to ask for her but they told me she wasn't there!! Man, I blew a fuse. I decided to lay in bed since it was way past my bedtime. In the process of waiting, one of my cats decided to break a vase, so that put me in a more pissy mood. When she finally arrived I asked her why she didn't call and she said that I would get mad either way. I asked where she was at and she said at her friend's house. Just to be sure, I asked where this friend lives and I was correct at the one that I called. I told her that I called over there and they told me she wasn't there. I was so pissed I just went to bed very late, it was already 10pm. So I got up a little late and very groggy because of the Benadryl I took for my runny nose. While she was gone, I snuck into her room and found the Pringles I had been looking for. I ate about 3 of them and then I had a Hershey's truffle kiss. I was bad yesterday because I even snuck in a special dark chocolate miniature at work, just one!! So I am up in arms today about my daughter. I just don't know what I am going to do with her. She will be fifteen next month, Lord help me!!!

Yesterday's Menu:
B: 12oz. coffee w/half & half and Splenda, 2-12oz. black coffee
L: cabbage, cilantro, garlic soup w/ground beef and 1/2 a lime, 1 miniature special dark choco.
D: grilled chuck steak w/steamed cauliflower, 1 raw floret of cauliflower, 3 Pringles, 1 dark chocolate truffle (Kiss)

Jennay, I bought the Bud Light because it was on sale, but I'll test it on Friday or Saturday. I will buy some Michelob Ultra when I go to Sam's, and try that as well!! Yes, my daughter and the adventures that lay ahead!!!

Miz Biz, are you slacking? j/k, yes beer protocol, you know what I'm talking about!! But I like CB's suggestion too!!!

CB, please let us know how that vodka protocol works out!! Ha!! About the picture, a while back I posted what my body looks like, no picture, just a description. My head and boobs are on the wrong side of my body, my stomach pooches out further than my butt!! So yes, I am a NOASSATALL, so I don't look as good as Ms. Jennay in those boyshorts, I think they're just more comfortable.

Becca, As I stated to CB, I don't look cute in them because of my body shape right now, but hopefully soon!!! Yes, I ditched work and went grocery shopping cause I needed cabbage to make soup and Kmart was so close so I had to stop in there!!


TNgal80 said...

Girl stay away from those candies! LOL Its hard isnt it at Valentines....some friends invited us to go with them to the Melting Pot. OMG!! I so wanted to go! LOL But it comes with a heafty price tag and even larger calories! LOL
Can we say chocolate dipped cheesecake? LOL

I told them that we will as soon as I get done with this round. :)

But hey no gain no foul, right?

BizAdventure said...

Slackin? No, just don't want you to blame me if it doesn't work! LOL

Sorry about the games kids play, just keep firm, that is all you can do.

Ed & Jennifer said...

Mary, just lock her in her room until she turns 18!!

Oh Lord I was giving my poor Mom heart attacks at Marinne is just about to turn 8 so we have awhile before the "fun" begins! As you know just be on her "shiz" and don't let her get away with stuff! You have to stay on top of it!

You and your chocolates, Mary Moe! You know there is no such thing as will power right? Outta site, outta mind!

So how long you going to go this round?

Anonymous said...

UGGGHH! I remember those days and don't envy you going through that! Just remember that you are still the biggest influence in her life and even though it doesn't seem like it, she cares about what you think and listens even though she may pretend not to. So yes, keep on nagging and checking up on her!!! And tell her WHY you need to know where she is... It's a dangerous world out there...