Monday, February 4, 2008

R3P2D8 Not Sweatin' It

Round 3 Week 2 of Phase 2 VCLD Day 8
1ml HCG (166.6iu) IM Injection#8
LIW: 168.2
Yesterday's Wt: 168.8
Today's Wt: 169.8
1.0 lb GAIN

Guess my body just wants to fight to get back to LIW. At least it wasn't a "17x.x" I saw on there, that would have really chapped my butt. I did some more experimenting yesterday and it didn't turn out so well. Don't eat zucchini on Phase 2!! I have learned my lesson. I'm not sweating it because I also had to weigh in very early this morning so that may be a contributor as well. I'm requesting a half day today at work so I can go get my driver's license renewed. I went on Friday and the place was packed. I'm sure I spoke of this already but today I will try another office close by.

Yesterday was a restful day just did some laundry, folded some laundry and really that was it. Didn't really watch the game except to check the score. Looks like everyone was busy yesterday with the game and all, hope everyone had a good time!!

Yesterday's Menu:
L: sausage & 2 whole eggs scramble, coffee w/milk
D: hamburger patty with boiled zucchini

Jennnyyyy, I didn't get to mow my eyebrows so if my picture is taken for my license, it's gonna look like sasquash, haaa! Yes, I'm still waitin' on my scolding from Miz Biz!!


EweWho said...

Sometimes it is just hard to get back in the saddle, isn't it? Odd that zucchini would cause a gain.

Did you get your license yet? So what weight did you put down on it, your current one or goal? I don't remember who it was, but someone said that their state actually took you to a scale and weighed you! I would be mortified and would probably go to another state for a driver's license!

I'm happy you had a restful day. After your week, you needed it!

Whip them brows into shape! I don't really have much of a problem with mine, but I go to a salon that has a lady from Iran working there. She does this treading thing all over my face. I love it. It gets rid of all the hair and your face feels so smooth. I originally wanted to do my upper lip. At my age you tend to get a few unwanted hairs there and I didn't want to have people calling me Mister. ROFL

BizAdventure said...

Let's hope it turns in the OTHER direction tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I would think zucchini is pretty starchy -- but am not sure. I can't stand the stuff myself :)

Ed & Jennifer said...

LOL what Ewewho wrote! On my driver's license my weight says 125 (and I was lying) but the best part is that really is my weight now...woo hoo!

Anyway, back to YOU! Well little Mary had a gain! Okay so you don't gain when you eat like you have been (wink, wink) but you gain when you eat zucchini? So strange!

I hope you are being a good girl today because you HAVE to get under LIW this week or else I'll have to come give you a whoopin (wait, that would be a reward) LOL!

Becca said...

Hi Mary,
Just catching up on your blog. Lots has been going on for you lately hasn't it? Looks like you're struggling off and on but have made some progress. Too bad you don't live closer to me because my daughter OWNS a salon and spa. I get a gift card for birthdays and mother's day that lasts me all year long! I hadn't heard of anyone eating zuccini on protocol, but I did hear that some people use green beans. I love them but haven't tried them because I heard they were too starchy...
Hope you lose tonight!