Sunday, February 17, 2008

R3P2D21 Thanks Michelob!!!

Round 3 of Phase 2 VCLD Day 21
1ml HCG (166.6iu) IM Injection#20
LIW: 168.2
Yesterday's Wt: 166.0
Today's Wt: 165.4
0.6 lbs LOST

(This weight loss trend is a repeat of last week, ha!! Must be the fresh batch working, yes!!)

Well yesterday was just a day of rest and relaxation. I only went to Wal*Mart and that was it. My neighbor's kids are a pain in the ass. They are lazy and useless. One of them thought that it would be funny to throw this huge box on the side of my house but they didn't know that I was home and I heard it when it was thrown over. I looked out the window and saw it there. So I went outside and threw it back in their yard!! I've hated these people since they moved it. The son thought one day after they moved in, that it would be fun to egg my house. My daughter was home so she heard all the ruckus. She called me and told me that she wanted to throw them back and then some but I told her no, I would send a unit out. This kid is such an idiot that he was throwing hard boiled eggs!! The officer spoke with the kid and made him clean it up, haaa!!! So now, everyday I have to watch what they are doing. Even the woman of the house has let her trash of boxes fly into my yard and not pick them up so I go out there and throw them back!! The first weekend they were here, they let their dog do his business in my yard and I asked her not to allow that to happen and she had a hissy fit!!! What a dumbass bitch!! Sorry, I needed to vent. I hope they move soon, it will be a year in May that they have lived there. I guess that's why I have so much stress and not realizing it. Anyway, enough ranting. I did the beer protocol again yesterday, yummmm!! Oh, yeah, and I mixed a new batch so now I'm starting to see some drops again and I am not cheating!!! I can already tell the difference because my hunger pangs and stomach growling has ceased almost immediately. I told myself last night that if I didn't have a decent drop, I would buy pizza today but I guess that won't be happening!! (Sorry daughter!!) She misses pizza and fast food burgers but I won't allow them to be in the house nor with I buy it for her because I have no will power around that stuff. At least now she is fit and trim (she's always been thin) and I know she's eating good when she's home. Now school is a different story I'm sure. They lunch menu is the same everyday there, hamburgers, pizza, burritos and the daily special. Anyway, enough venting!!

Yesterday's Menu:
B: 2-16oz. coffee w/Splenda and 1/2 & 1/2
L: eye of round omelet with sliced fresh jalapeno
D: skinless rotisserie chicken breast and 3 Michelob Ultras!!!

Crystal, your story is funnier!!! This kitten is very, very nosey he has even had some fresh jalapeno, he was sorry he asked for it!!!

Biz, whoo hoo, isn't this beer protocol awesome?!! I had been avoiding alcohol because of what Dr. S said but that wasn't the case for me or you or Jen or Ed, etc., Wow, LIW already, damn I am so jealous but maybe now this girl can catch up!!


Ed & Jennifer said...

Hollah to Marrrray!!! The kid is stupid enough to throw hard boiled eggs? Dear God some peoples kids ya know?! At least you have the hook up and can get an officer to scare them...that usually works!

So another successful day with beer huh?! Isn't that interesting? Did you notice Biz went over 500 cals with beer and still lost? Are we onto something? LOL

Good job not ordering Pizza that's tooooo tempting.

Hope you have a nice relaxing Sunday Mary Moe!

applebottomblues said...

Bad kids next door are a pain! Good you could have a unit stop by. They must be pretty dumb if they know about your connections and continue to act a fool.

Ha... You did the beer thing too?! Hmmmm... there's got to be something to that. I'm still scared of it, but I'm glad it worked out for you :) Look at that loss!

Lili said...

That story about kids egging your house with hardboiled eggs is priceless!!! Just makes you shake your head...... I think I'm gonna be brave and try a rotisserie chicken today, like you -- it obviously works, and I am having such bad food boredom. Great job on the loss!

BizAdventure said...

HA! I am glad it's working for you, I sure don't wanna start a trend tho! ROFL HARD BOILED EGGS??? WTH???