Saturday, February 2, 2008

R3P2D6 Need to Relax

Round 3 Week 1 of Phase 2 VCLD Day 6
1ml HCG (166.6iu) IM Injection#6
LIW: 168.2
Yesterday's Wt: 170.4
Today's Wt: 169.4
1.0 lbs LOSS overnight

Yesterday's Menu:
B: 12 oz. coffee w/half & half, 2 pkts Splenda, 12oz. black coffee
L: Wendy's chicken ceasar salad w/croutons
D: skinless rotisserie chicken breast, cukes w/rice vinegar, 1 tbls. lowfat cottage cheese

Oh, I'm so close to my LIW that I can almost taste it!! (And it doesn't taste like a Kripy Kreme!)

Yesterday was quite stressful in the afternoon and evening hours. Let me tell you how my day started. I got up 10 minutes late, I hadn't taken the trash to the curb, so I arrived at work 2 minutes late. Not bad but they are watching!! During my lunch hour I went to pick up some items at Kmart that were on sale like toothpaste for 69 cents, Aussie condition for 2 bucks, Hershey's Cordial Cherry Kisses 2 bucks too. Then I went to the grocery store that was having a decent sale and got some Jicama, limes, hot sauce, mayo ($1.49 for Kraft), some Mexican green onions and cilantro (4/$1.00). All this didn't cost me a thing. Why? I work with an officer who's wife past away in September from terminal cancer. His daughter lives with him, she's 25, but is, according to him, useless in the kitchen. A while back he asked me that when I go to this "Ranch Market", if I let him know, I can pick up a few items for him as well so he doesn't have to go. So yesterday, I showed him their ad and showed him what was on sale. He pointed out some items, gave me $40.00 and said, "Just get me those things and get whatever you need." I was flabbergasted!! I asked him if he wanted a salad as well and he said no but that I could get one with any money I had left over. WOW!! So even though it wasn't my money, I still bought everything on sale as if it was my own money. When I got back to work and gave him his change he was shocked. He said that I was a thrifty shopper. I gave him a huge hug and thanked him for the groceries. He stated that he knows that I was going through a rough time and this helps me as well as himself 'cause he didn't have to go to the store. Now was that sweet or what? Later he started to mention that since his wife passed away, when he passes, his pension goes to no one. So his thinking is he will find some pretty young thing, marry again and have some fun for a while being retired, and when he passes, she will have a $43,ooo income for the rest of her life!! He already had someone in mind and I asked him why I was not offered this deal before her. He just laughed. Later, I went to assist an officer with picking up a police SUV that was going to be utilized today. As I was driving back to the station, I had a minor accident. I clipped another SUV that came out of nowhere. There were no injuries and very minor damage. There was no damage to the other vehicle just some paint transfer. I explained to him that a report needed to be done because it was a city vehicle and he said he was late for work and couldn't wait. Since there was no damage to his vehicle, he would leave it at that. Well, I couldn't do that because it was a city vehicle. He left anyway and I went back to the station. I ended up getting some overtime because the report needed to be done and I had to do a memo. Turns out that my driver's license expired on my birthday!! Doh!!! I went to the DMV and that place was packed. I couldn't understand why then I realized, it's the first of the month and the new border crossing rules took place and everyone is scrambling to get their i.d.'s so they can cross. I stopped by Albertson's to buy their eggbeaters, some lowfat cottage cheese and some clearance items. I got home and my daughter arrived soon after. She tells me that she needs to attend a dance show for her dance class. Now I have told that I shouldn't be driving because my license has expired and I only drive to work and back. In one ear out the other, she voluteers me to drive her and her friend to this dance show. I was through the roof. This show was at a local high school that is in another city just outside of ours. The traffic was ridiculous, I was not a happy camper. Now, she doesn't have a cell phone so we had to guesstimate how long this show was. I came home and finally ate my dinner then at 9pm I was on my way back to pick them up. We finally got home and I was exhausted, mostly from all the stress. So today is a day for resting and pampering. My hair is in desperate need of coloring and my eyebrows need a weedwacker!!

Oh, I have been experimenting with increasing my protein intake and it seems to be helping. I will keep you posted!!

Biz, I know they are bad but TOM wanted it!! That's my story and I'm sticking to it!! Luv U 2!!
Jen, yes I can feel Miz Biz slapping my hands!! I actually got one of the donuts from a special box that didn't have any calories, no fat, no sugar and no carbs!! j/k
Oh, to test your solution, just take a few drops of your solution and place it on the test, don't pee on it. Mine showed positive in the elapsed time, so its still good. They are only a dollar at the dollar store, but I had to go to 3 different ones cuz they were either out or only had one. It has been suggested to open the test, take out the strip and cut in half to save money as well. I didn't do that but I will on the next test. Weekends are the toughest for me since my daughter is home all day and wants to eat non-allowable foods. Mary Moe? yes sometimes I'm a stooge!! Very funny missy!!
Monica, yes like my response to Jen the donut I got was small and had all the calories, fat, carbs and sugar removed from it so I had no worries. Not really, it was something strange (TOM) that took over and made me eat it. I didn't understand the weight loss as well, I was really expecting a gain or the same weight to show on the scale in the morning. I don't understand but who's going to argue with that loss? I'll take it!!
Crystal, OMG, I am so glad you are back!! I miss my funny and witty cyber/blogger friend!! Yes, I should have titled it different or started it different but I was in a hurry to post the basics of my day. Yes, Mr. Kreme and TOM took advantage of me that day but I'll get over it, just another skeleton for my overstuffed closet, ha!!


Ed & Jennifer said...

Okay I need to go take a nap now because the day you had yesterday made me tired! Sheesh! Um, glad you got groceries for free, glad you didn't get hurt in the "fender bender" and you need to tell your friend that I'm open to polygamist marriages if he's okay with me having 2 husbands! Wait never mind! Wow, that was a scary thought, I think I could handle 2 wives much easier than 2 MEN!

You lost a pound and had croutons...and I'm stressing about 1/4 tsp of Mrs. Dash?! I think I need to go on Mary Moe's diet!

Take it easy this weekend...and get them eyebrows handled! LOL

BizAdventure said...

Geesh, what was that day about??? Good grief.

Can't believe you lost with the Krispy Kreme, your more of a woman than me. You and me are the same! HOW COOL IS THAT???

TNgal80 said...

DUH...(shakes her head) Holy Moly girl. LOL Yea I am tired too. Girly girl I will be praying you up. Man sometimes that devil just loves to kick ya when you are a bit down doesnt he? Well I am happy you are losing and your affair has ended. LOL
Hugs and take care of yourself. Oh and are you getting B vitamins?
They help with stress.


Anonymous said...

Wow -- I gotta chime in with the rest and say "Wht a day!!!" And you STILL lost a pound??? Rock on! Good for you! I'm intrigued that you can do a wendy's salad (with no dressing, I assume) AND rotisserie chicken, with no problem -- I thought rotisserie chicken was a no-no? Obviously a yes-yes for you! That helps me out alot, I'm kinda limited on wat I can eat. Thanks!