Saturday, February 23, 2008

R3P2D27 48 Hours Done!!

Round 3 of Phase 2 VCLD Day 27
No Injection
LIW: 168.2
Yesterday's Wt: 166.2
Today's Wt: 165.2
1.0 lbs. LOST

Okay here's my dilemma. I got up at 6:30 to go to Albertson's to get some good deals before everyone else got there. The milk is 2/$5.00 and I could only buy one because there is no room in my freezer. A co-worker is willing to sell me her stand alone freezer but she won't give me a price!! I told her I would start my bidding at $350.00 but she won't say yes or no, erggggh!!! I've already done my homework and Sears has one for 350 but she says she paid $700. Anyway, after I got home from overspending, I decided to weigh myself again. This time the scale said 164.6, which I have not seen ever!!! So my dilemma is do I go with my first weigh in or my second. Well, I do know the answer and that is the first weight. Don't want to get too excited and all since TOM is knocking on my back door or is it the front? Anyway, I was shocked that I actually worked an entire week without taking any time off, what a friggin' miracle, even my supervisors were shocked, haaa!! I'm trying to save some time since my daughter's birthday is next month and it falls on spring break. I just like to take days off when she's off to make her miserable. I'm such a great mom!! She's not even afraid to admit it that I do this on purpose. Hey, she's going to be 15 and do you think I'm going to let her stay the whole 3 weeks alone in this house? I know what I did when my parents left me alone at home and I sure as hell am not going to let MY daughter do the same!!

I was re-reading P&I last night and reading things that have long lost their way in my memory. Now I understand about the deviations, they don't show up the next morning usually, but will take about 3 days to correct itself. Did that open my eyes or what???? I'll finish reading it today and then re-read again.

Anyway, I am well stocked for my little break, I bought tons of cheese which will have to be frozen and I still have that damn cream cheese in the fridge. I'm having a hard time finding bulk bags of macadamian nuts so that I could make a P3 friendly version of cheesecake and freeze them. I bought some Velveeta as well cuz I want some of Becca's spinach con queso dip. Now, don't anyone start slamming me about the Velveeta, it is made from 3 different cheeses, Cheddar, Swiss and Colby, so even though it states it is a processed cheese it still is made from 3 different real cheeses and tastes so nummy with a can Rotel, or fresh chiles sauteed with onions and the possibilities are endless. Now I'm Mexican so Chile Con Queso is a staple at every function and I mean every function, baby showers, birthday parties, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and even wakes, why, I don't know but it is. My body was used to chile con queso flowing through my veins because we ate so much of it. Anyway, I'm having some this week and that's all I got to say 'bout that!!

Yesterday's Menu:
B: 12oz. coffee w/half & half and Splenda, 2-12oz. black coffee
L: tuna packed in water, drained and mixed with yellow mustard and black pepper
D: skinless rotisserie chicken breast w/hot sauce and cucumbers w/ACV and black pepper

Crystal, hey I made it worth my while, since I was deviating I went full throttle!! Yes, I think this little break will do me good. I know it's 12 lbs. but when you look at my LIW from R2 to where I'm at now, it doesn't look like much, but everyone is right I would have never been able to lose this amount of weight and keep it off without HCG!! I wish you the best in the baby making department, you're going to be a great mommy!!!!

Jennay, yes Doritos and any potato chip has been my downfall in R2 and R3 not to mention the chocolate but not as much as the potato chips. I'm not bailing on you or anyone, I just need to refocus.

Monica, you're going to be a great Mommy as well, so you and Crystal will have to blog about that but once the baby is born, I don't think we'll hear much from either of you. You'll be too busy tending to the little one. I was wondering myself about getting pregnant again, just to use my own natural HCG as Dr. S. states in P&I how to do it, but then I have to raise another child for the next 18 or so years, so no thanks, I'm just trying to get my daughter headed in the right direction now (out the door) just kidding!!!!!

Well, hello Miss Skinnycakes!!!, I didn't think that this round would be so rough since the holidays were over, I completely forgot about Valentine's and my birthday, so that's where all the trouble started. But I'll restart very soon, cuz we can't waste the HCG, and I should be back on track. Thanks for stopping by, I know you hate to be around the computer after you've spend 8+ hours on it at work!!

Renee, you lurker you!!, I've missed your insightful blog being updated but I appreciate you stopping by mine. I'll keep posting, this is my only way to vent since I don't have a man to nag and my daughter is tired of hearing my nag as well, haa!! Yes, as a matter of fact, they arrived in the mail today so I'm going to watch them first so I can learn the moves before I dive in.

Miz Biz, how the hell are ya!! Yes, another interruption so I can get my head back in the game!!


Ed & Jennifer said...

Hey You! Oh, it's late and I'm on my way to bed but wanted to say "hey girl"...I want Becca's dip too! P3 here you come! I will write more tomorrow-love ya girl!