Sunday, December 23, 2007


Wt: 171.6 LIW: 168.2
3.4 lbs over LIW

I've been busy reading everyone else's blogs that I forgot to update mine!! Duh!! Anyway, looks like I'm still holding steady and I was very, very bad yesterday. I had no protein whatsoever yesterday. My avocados were finally ready so I made some guacamole and ate with Doritos!! For breakfast I had some raspberry shortbread cookies with my coffee and the rest of the day was just Ruffles and hot sauce!! Oh, I did stray and have some waffles with regular syrup!! I was also suffering with allergies or a cold because my nose would not stop running and I was stuffy. I took lots of vitamin C (6,000mg) and my magnesium to help things move along. I know I was very bad, and I was really expecting the scale to be very cruel to me, but it was gentle. I admit that I had to move my scale to sweep underneath it and was having trouble finding its comfort spot again. I finally found it!! I'm not to worried about being over my LIW, since I will restart P2 in a couple of weeks. My order hasn't come in from, but I still have one vial left to get me started.

Biz, thanks for stopping by, I know you've been traveling like a mad woman!!
Becca, yes I can relate about the queso and chips, I indulged on Friday with lots of Mexican food which I have avoided because I know how its made and it is not P2 or P3 friendly!!


Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog... "never been married, and don't plan on it" -- LOVE it!

What is it about mexican food and P3? I think we all craved it -- I went burrito crazy -- ate the innards until P4, then just ate one every day!

If your nose is still runny, try the Zicam swabs -- they always work for me.